1. On your phone or tablet, go to the App Store (for Apple) or Google Play and search for “N1-Headache” and install the App. (Note for iPad users only: you need to search using ‘iPhone only’ which you can select from the corresponding option in the dropdown menu at the top left of the search screen (by default, set to ‘iPad only’).

  2. Open the app and select ‘Create new account’.  You will be asked to enter some basic information, including your email address, and create a password (after you enter each item, press ‘next).

  3. If you are enrolling through our Clinician Program, enter the code your clinician provides on the ‘N1-Headache Code’ screen.

  4. Click “Verify code” on the next screen. You must allow the sharing of your data with your clinician in order to redeem your code. To do this, enable sharing and click “redeem code.”

  5.  Click “Confirm and create account.”   

  6. The app will start by asking more information about you and your  headache and migraine history in order to customize the app. Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability.

  7. Once your headache tracking diary is personalized, you can begin tracking. Each day, you will be prompted to answer some questions starting with: “Did you have a headache or migraine symptoms today?” 

  8. Continue to answer the questions presented according to what you have experienced that day. To ensure the accuracy of your personal analytics, You will need to answer the same set of questions every day about your exposure to potential migraine attack risk factors, even when you don’t have a headache or migraine symptoms.